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The fabled concept of the world becoming a global village has become a reality now. There is a constant flux of people moving across the borders in pursuit of exciting opportunities in foreign lands. People travel abroad for a variety of reasons, it may be for a dream job, higher education or a leisurely vacation in exotic locations. No matter what your travel needs are, SR PLUS is here to ensure that your travel planning is as smooth as possible. A visa is a key element of travelling abroad. For many Indians, the entire process of visa application and processing is tedious and stressful. The SR PLUS online visa application services were launched to simplify the process of international travel for its customers.

The Website makes the process of visa application very straightforward by providing detailed visa information such as visa requirements according to the destination, downloadable visa forms, estimate processing time, visa costs as well as consular address and timings. At SR PLUS you can put in applications for all kinds of visa such as business visa, tourist visa, student visa and work permits. SR PLUS also offers travel visas such as United States visa, Schengen visa, Singapore visa and many more. Applying for a visa at the SR PLUS website is a simple four step process.

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Immigration check is conducted for all passengers, Indians or foreigners, both at the time of arrival and departure .